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CCTV Camera

Security System offer the Best Values, Best Technical Support & Best Solutions to your Needs & Protection

Free Tech Support & Repair for your CCTV Cameras & Door Access Control.

Call or Whatsapp our Technical Hotline +65 81985572 anytime anywhere you like for Free Tech Support!

Our Friendly Technician will reply Monday-Friday 11am~6pm.
1. Send a picture copy of your purchased invoice with Brand & Model (from any Vendor).
2. Text us your Problems (eg. No Video, Can’t see on Mobile Phone, Changed of Router/ISP, Domain name expired, Password Lost, Low Resolutions…..)
3. Send in to our Tech Support Division at Sim Lim Square 02-81 for Free Diagnose.
4. Optional Technical Site Visit $150.00 (Could Offset for next Purchased*)

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Choicecycle SGCCTV Sim Lim Square 02-81 Whatsapp +65 98534404 enquiry@choicecycle.com.sg

https://www.sgcctv.com.sg (CCTV Promotion Installation Home Office Shops WareHouse)   

https://www.choicecycle.com.sg (Distribution Hikvision Dahua Aiphone Panasonic Samsung)  

https://www.sgcctv.biz (CCTV Accessories Adapter Switch BNC Connectors Housing Bracket Server Rack Cables Hard disk Monitor Mobile DVR Bus CCTV)

https://www.cctvsg.biz (Installation, Project, R&D, Integrated System)

https://simlimsquare.com.sg/product/hikvision-2megapixels-wifi-camera-free-64gb-sd-card/  (Sim Lim Square Singapore Biggest IT Mall)

https://www.facebook.com/sgcctv.com.sg/ (Job Opportunities for Intern, Project Manager, Sales & Technician)

(Jobs & Business Collaboration)

https://g.page/SGCCTV?share (Google our Showroom @Choicecycle SGCCTV)

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing CCTV

Security System Singapore :

Equipment used: Today some brands made very durable products at low cost.

How they survived Consumer don’t really care.

Their survival mainly on selling Consumer datas & advertisement.
Usual, these brands will auto upload an upgrade firmware into your device during middle of the night, after, your device will keep connecting to Unknown website.
Many Nations including USA had banned such device with above reasons.

Angle Wider the Better
Fisheyes or 360 degree cover the best angle but the Object & Person will turned distorted & tiny.

Some Smart Phone developed Super wide angle, but the Person at both ends looks funny like double re-print from Poster.

Never assume all Companies will last especially in Sim Lim Square
New startup companies won’t last more than 9 months~24 months.
They used to offer Cheapest, Life-Times warranty but after no longer around or change trade & industry.
We saw more than thousand of stores open & closed in Sim Lim Square last 15 years – already immune 😂

Hiring the cheapest installer in Singapore
Consumer won’t aware cheap stuffs (refurbished) with new casing, Untrained Part timers will damage your Home & Office.

Technology use
Some equipment (example DVR) can’t support when basic cameras & hard disk EOL (end of life) obsolete. IVS & AI are advance functions that basic products don’t offer.

Wrong implementation of the plan & position
Culprit are smart, they always hide in between cameras – out of scope viewing.

Security System Singapore Most common questions –

  1. Can you install the CCTV for us ASAP?

  2. Can I use Wireless instead of Wiring?

  3. How to view remotely on my Mobile Phone?

  4. Do I need to get approval from the Authority?

  5. How wide & How far can the camera view?

  6. Can it be only recorded when Motion Detected?

  7. Can it be Cheaper if I get my own Wirer?

  8. Why No Display or Can’t view from Outside?

  9. Will you use our Home Videos to show Others?

  10. Will you support Free after warranty? 

  11. Why do I paid more? What is IVS? What is SD card slot? What is Audio? What is Starlight? What is ColurVu?

We offer IP camera Singapore, CCTV Camera, CCTV Installation, CCTV Package, Network Video Recorder NVR, Office CCTV System, IP POE Camera etc.

Call / Whatsapp our Friendly Specialist at +65 98534404 (enquiry), +6581985572 (tech support) or visit us at Sim Lim Square 02-81, 11~8pm daily.

Security System Singapore

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